About Us

Established in 1983, Data World Computer and Communication Ltd (Data World C&C) is a leading technology services, IT business management and solutions company. With our supreme experience across Hong Kong and Greater China Region, extensive skill-sets and solutions covering across different industries, Data World C&C’s mission is to empower customers' business growth through perpetual advancement of quality solutions and services.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Data World C&C has established support centers in Mainland China (Shenzhen). Data World C&C has a solid networking in Hong Kong amongst business and channel partners; we have full confidence in offering our professional IT knowledge to satisfy our customers’ need in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We specialize in 6 Key Areas:
  • Edge Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Infrastucture
  • Identity Governance
  • Data Availability
  • Behavioral Analytics

Our Products and Services

Nowadays, businesses are facing challenges to handle scalable traffic that requires fast and reliable response from any device and anywhere.

With Data World C&C, we equip businesses with smarter technologies and help them maintain daily operations. Our solutions and services simplifies the procedures that provide end-to-end capabilities of deployment and management.

Why Choose Us

Our Products and Sevices

Data World C&C carries a broad range of brands and products to strengthen the channel partners competitiveness. We have a strong team of professional specialists to provide superior network related services. Including 7 Page 6 of 6 X 24 technical support services for our channel partners and customers, our technical experts are certified and experienced in all aspects of networking and security solutions. We always put our customers’ needs at the first priority, so that our IT services can be a contributing factor to aid our channel partners’ and customers’ business growth and success.