Allot is a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions that empower communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises worldwide to enhance the value they bring to their customers. ISPs, telecoms and other communications service providers use Allot solutions to deliver superior network performance, end-user QoE, DDoS protection, and network-based Security as a Service for consumers and small businesses. Enterprises worldwide use Allot solutions to get visibility into their networks, aligning network and application performance with business priorities and quickly troubleshooting network issues.
Allot Secure
Offer your own, branded, network-based security services to the mass market to differentiate your offering. Network-based security services address a real need and generate additional monthly revenues per customer. Service Providers have implemented and delivered Allot Secure as an integral network service, achieving customer adoption rates as high as 50%.
NetworkSecure is a keystone of Allot Secure that unifies three security layers into one unified service for the mass market; at home, at work and on the go.
Allot DDoS Secure
Allot DDoS Secure comprises a license-activated Sensor and a central management Controller. Allot Service Gateways provide sensor detection information and surgical network-level mitigation functionality. The Controller assesses the network data it receives from deployed sensors and automatically creates an attack mitigation pattern and propagates it to enforcement platforms. The Controller console dashboard also provides a web GUI for real-time attack visibility, forensics and threat intelligence.
DNS Secure
DNS Secure is a security solution designed for CSPs looking to deploy a network-based security solution for the consumer and SMB markets. Based on a client-less, network-based approach, DNS Secure provides zero-touch activation threat protection from a variety of malware and phishing attacks as well as content and parental controls for the consumer and SMB markets.
IoTSecure is a multi-tenant platform that enables enterprises to monitor and secure their IoT deployments through a customer management console. This platform delivers carrier-class security, policy control, IoT analytics and behavior analysis that can be applied to any IoT service.
Allot Smart
Allot Smart, powered by next-generation deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, generates insightful intelligence that empowers CSPs to optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every service opportunity. By analyzing every packet of network, user, application and security data, CSPs can truly see, control and secure their networks to maximize end-user QoE.
Traffic Management
Network service performance and user satisfaction are key to business success and profitability. To deliver optimal QoE you must be able to identify and classify every packet on your network. You can then prioritize critical applications over those that hog bandwidth, extracting more value from your infrastructure and deferring the need for costly upgrades.
Network Visibility
Network service performance and user satisfaction are key to business success and profitability. Your ability to obtain meaningful business intelligence from network usage data is critical for improving network performance and delivering services with a high Quality of Experience (QoE). Allot SmartVisibility solutions give you the actionable network intelligence you need to make informed business decisions
Policy & Charging Control
Maximize customer lifetime value by leveraging application-based and usage-based plans that cater to the unique and dynamic needs of pre-paid, post-paid, business and IoT customers. Allot’s SmartPCC solution integrates seamlessly with authentication, provisioning and charging systems to assure fast service roll-out and time-to-revenue.
Allot Solutions for Enterprises
Now more than ever, an excellent Digital Experience is critical for you as you strive to maintain your business resilience. Whether you are a small business with no IT staff or a large enterprise with distributed branches, intelligent insight, and control over your applications and user behavior are critical for ensuring your productivity and an outstanding Digital Experience for your end-users.
QoE & Application Control
A variety of different applications are running on your network. They serve different purposes, should be handled differently, and some shouldn’t even be on your network. Application control is about aligning network performance to business priorities and ensuring that your network serves the business first.
Traffic Monitoring
Allot Traffic Intelligence sheds light on the enterprise network, empowering business intelligence, operational efficiency, and security forensics. We provide a complete toolkit for seeing and understanding everything that is happening on your company network.