Allot is a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions that empower communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises worldwide to enhance the value they bring to their customers. ISPs, telecoms and other communications service providers use Allot solutions to deliver superior network performance, end-user QoE, DDoS protection, and network-based Security as a Service for consumers and small businesses. Enterprises worldwide use Allot solutions to get visibility into their networks, aligning network and application performance with business priorities and quickly troubleshooting network issues.
Allot Smart
Allot Smart, powered by next-generation deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, generates insightful intelligence that empowers CSPs to optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every service opportunity. By analyzing every packet of network, user, application and security data, CSPs can truly see, control and secure their networks to maximize end-user QoE.
Solutions for Enterprises
Now more than ever, an excellent Digital Experience is critical for you as you strive to maintain your business resilience. Whether you are a small business with no IT staff or a large enterprise with distributed branches, intelligent insight, and control over your applications and user behavior are critical for ensuring your productivity and an outstanding Digital Experience for your end-users.
Allot Secure
Offer your own, branded, network-based security services to the mass market to differentiate your offering. Network-based security services address a real need and generate additional monthly revenues per customer. Service Providers have implemented and delivered Allot Secure as an integral network service, achieving customer adoption rates as high as 50%.