One Identity 
One Identity, a Quest Software business, helps organizations establish an identity-centric security strategy.
Identity Manager
Mitigate risk, secure data, meet uptime requirements and satisfy compliance by giving your users access to data and applications they need and nothing more. Now, identity and access management (IAM) can be driven by business needs, not IT capabilities. With Identity Manager you can unify information security policies and meet governance needs
Identity Manager Data Governance
Identity Manager Data Governance protects your organization by giving access control to the business owner rather than the IT staff. The business owner can grant access to sensitive data. With the Identity Manager restricted access functionality, you define access policies for your organization. You have the power to analyze, approve and fulfill unstructured data access requests to files, folders and shares across NTFS, NAS devices and SharePoint, ensuring that sensitive, unstructured data is only accessible to approved users. Identity Manager automates the request-and-approval workflow, ensuring security and reducing the burden on your IT staff.
Starling Connect
With Starling Connect, our SaaS-based IGA solution, you can preserve your IT investment by building on your current identity and access management (IAM) solutions, allowing your enterprise to unify governance and access controls, ensure compliance for access activities and policies, and accelerate your user-provision/de-provision processes.
Active Roles
One Identity Active Roles, the market leader in Active Directory (AD) management tools, delivers enhanced AD security, and automated user account and group management that overcomes the shortcomings of native Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD tools. These Active Directory security capabilities enable you to do your job safely, more efficiently, more accurately and with less manual intervention. Active Roles, available as an on-prem install or SaaS offering. Its modular architecture enables your organization to easily meet your business requirements today and in the future. With Active Roles – even in hybrid environments – you can automate tedious and error-prone administrative tasks, and solve security issues by protecting and controlling all-important administrative access.
One Identity Safeguard Authentication Services
Integrate UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X in Active Directory with One Identity Safeguard Authentication Services by Quest. This solution creates an Active Directory (AD) Bridge enabling users to log on to non-Windows systems using their AD credentials. With centralized authentication, cross-platform access control and single sign-on, your organization can extend the compliance and security capabilities of Active Directory across your enterprise and brings in a new level of operational efficiencies and compliance.
Password Manager
Password Manager provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords, and unlock their accounts. Now your organization can implement stronger password policies and eliminate the potential for a data breach while reducing help desk workload. With Password Manager, there’s no need to sacrifice security to reduce costs.
One Identity Safeguard
One Identity Safeguard is an integrated solution that combines a secure hardened password safe and a session management and monitoring solution with threat detection and analytics. It securely stores, manages, records and analyzes privileged access.
Safeguard for Privileged Sessions
Safeguard for Privileged Sessions enables you to control, monitor and record privileged sessions of administrators, remote vendors and other high-risk users. Content of the recorded sessions is indexed to make searching for events and automatic reporting simple so you can easily meet your auditing and compliance requirements. In addition, Safeguard for Privileged Sessions serves as a proxy, and inspects the protocol traffic on the application level and can reject any traffic that violates the protocol – thus it is an effective shield against attacks.
Safeguard for Sudo
With One Identity Safeguard for Sudo, you can centralize management of sudoer policy files. Easily generate reports on sudoer access rights and activities, and enable keystroke logging of all activities performed through sudo.
One Identity Safeguard On Demand
One Identity Safeguard On Demand is SaaS-delivered solution that combines a secure password safe, and a session-management and -monitoring solution with threat detection and analytics all managed and delivered from the cloud.
Defender enhances security by requiring two-factor authentication to gain access to your network resources. Defender uses your current identity store within Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to enable two-factor authentication. It takes advantage of AD’s inherent scalability and security to eliminate the time and expense involved with setting up and maintaining proprietary databases. Defender’s web-based administration, user self-registration and ZeroIMPACT migration capabilities ease implementation for administrators and users. Plus, Defender hardware tokens utilize their full battery life and provide software tokens that never expire.
Starling Two-Factor Authentication
With Starling Two-Factor Authentication, a SaaS-based solution, you can secure your organization and keep users productive. It solves the password problem without the capital costs or increased infrastructure management often incurred with traditional on-premises solutions. With an easy-to-use dashboard for administrators and flexible authentication options for end users, Starling Two-Factor Authentication enables organizations to quickly and easily verify a user’s identity.
The syslog-ng Store Box™ 
The syslog-ng Store Box™ (SSB) is a high-performance, high-reliability log management appliance that builds on the strengths of syslog-ng Premium Edition. With SSB, you can search logs, secure sensitive information with granular access policies, generate reports to demonstrate compliance and forward log data to third-party analysis tools.