At Quest, we create the software that helps you realize the benefits of new technology. We provide solutions that manage, modernize and secure your enterprise across your endpoints, on-premises infrastructure and in the cloud. We help you conquer your next challenge with confidence. We’re not the company that makes big promises. We’re the company that fulfills them.
Foglight Evolve
Foglight Evolve takes a proactive approach to hybrid cloud management so you can simplify your data center, reduce infrastructure costs, maximize system performance and accurately predict future costs. With Foglight Evolve, tackle your complex mix of clouds, hypervisors and applications while keeping resource requirements in check and meeting system uptime and performance SLAs.
NetVault® by Quest supports multiple server and application platforms in both physical and virtual environments. That means you can ensure continuous availability of your business-critical systems, applications and data.
Quest QoreStor® expands your data protection secondary data storage options while reducing your storage footprint and costs. QoreStor facilitates the adoption of most storage types, uniquely including cloud storage like native object storage. QoreStor’s advanced compression and deduplication algorithms slash storage requirements and costs anywhere QoreStor is deployed, even in the cloud.
Rapid Recovery
With Rapid Recovery, you can back up and quickly recover anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud. This data recovery software allows you to run without restore, with zero impact on your users, as if the outage or data loss never happened. Connect to cloud simply and easily, and protect growing virtual environments automatically.
vRanger software provides high-speed backup and recovery of VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and physical Windows Server environments. It also provides high-speed replication for VMware. With vRanger, you can dramatically shrink backup storage costs, while minimizing the effort and complexity of backing up your data.
Toad for Oracle
Toad® for Oracle is the only developer tool that helps you simplify your workflow, reduce code defects and improve code quality and performance while supporting team collaboration. Automate administration tasks and proactively manage your databases while embracing performance optimization and risk mitigation. Define, search for and protect sensitive data across all your Oracle databases quickly and easily.
Foglight for Databases
With Foglight® for Databases, DBAs gain unprecedented visibility across their database platforms. From one simple-to-use console, they can quickly diagnose and resolve emerging issues to prevent business interruption. And because Foglight supports a wide range of platforms, including on-premises and cloud databases, you get cost-effective database monitoring software for the platforms you use now, and the ones you’ll add in the future.
Toad Data Point
Toad® Data Point is a cross-platform, self-service, data-integration tool that simplifies data access, preparation and provisioning. It provides nearly limitless data connectivity and desktop data integration, and with the Workbook interface for business users, you get simple-to-use visual query building and workflow automation.
With SharePlex®, you can replicate Oracle data – at a fraction of the price of native tools. Easily achieve high availability, increase scalability, integrate data and offload reporting with this flexible solution that supports multiple business use cases. Move your data – not your budget – with affordable replication.
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched SQL Server monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of your database environment to ensure peak performance around the clock.
Change Auditor
With Change Auditor, you get complete, real-time IT auditing, in-depth forensics and security threat monitoring on all key configuration, user and administrator changes for Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Exchange, Office 365, file servers and more. Change Auditor also tracks detailed user activity for logons, authentications and other key services across enterprises to enhance threat detection and security monitoring. A central console eliminates the need and complexity for multiple IT audit solutions.
Recovery Manager Solutions
With Quest® recovery solutions, you can recover an individual mailbox, AD object and attribute, permission, email or file, all the way to a complete AD forest failure or domain controller operating system loss.
Quest On Demand
Quest On Demand is a secure, Azure-hosted SaaS management platform to help IT teams, partners and MSPs move faster, tighten security and stay in control of hybrid Office 365 environments. Migrate, manage, report, secure and recover all hybrid AD and Office 365 workloads across all tenants from a single dashboard.
Metalogix Content Matrix
Metalogix Content Matrix offers the industry's most powerful SharePoint migration solutions.
Migration Manager
Quest migration and consolidation solutions efficiently move and restructure user accounts, data and systems without impacting users or business productivity.
KACE Systems Management Appliance
The KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest® helps you fulfill all your endpoint management needs. This comprehensive solution provides automated endpoint-related administrative tasks, inventory of all hardware and software, patch management software for mission-critical applications and operating systems, reduced risk of a breach and guaranteed software license compliance.
KACE Systems Deployment Appliance
KACE® Systems Deployment Appliance lets you automate deployment of configuration files, user states, drivers and applications – whether you’re casting to a single device or multiple devices. Reduce the cost and complexity of endpoint systems imaging, initial installations and provisioning to onsite or remote endpoints while saving time with the automation of repetitive tasks.
KACE Desktop Authority
With KACE® Desktop Authority you can proactively configure, manage, secure and support each unique user workspace, quickly and easily, through a single console. Minimize the hassles of deploying and securing individual devices by customizing devices at the first log-in while configuring the firewall and controlling browser security for physical, virtual and published Windows environments.
Foglight for SQL Server
With Foglight® for SQL Server, you can quickly diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance problems and optimize your workloads to prevent future issues. This SQL Server tuning tool includes real-time and historical diagnostics, reporting and more, so you can confidently ensure the health of your entire database environment.
Foglight for Oracle
With Foglight® for Oracle, you get unrivaled performance information and advanced Oracle monitoring to prevent costly downtime. This monitoring software provides alerting and notifications, real-time and historical diagnostics, as well as reporting, plus unmatched analytics of collected data. Take Oracle monitoring to the next level with Foglight for Oracle.
Foglight for PostgreSQL
Your organization turned to PostgreSQL because it’s a cost-effective, stable and scalable database option. However, introducing open source technology into your enterprise database ecosystem can challenge DBAs like you to realize the benefits and cost savings that the platform can provide.