At Extreme Networks, we are committed to making networking effortless – advancing how we live, work, and share. We push the boundaries of technology leveraging the powers of machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation. With a culture of agility and innovation, we anticipate the needs of our clients and their end-users as they develop – from building the very first Gigabit Ethernet switch to the industry’s only 4th generation cloud architecture. Over 50,000 customers globally trust our end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions and rely on our top-rated services and support to accelerate digital transformation efforts and deliver progress like never before.
ExtremeControl securely enables BYOD and Iot to protect your network against external threat s. It let s you centrally manage and define granular policies so you can meet compliance obligations, locate, authenticate and apply targeted policies to users and devices.
Extreme Defender for IoT
Extreme Defender for IoT is a unique, award-winning solution, that delivers securit y for end point s which have limited or even no embedded securit y capabilities. It is especially targeted to aging wired devices, that need to roam around a room, a building or even a campus. It complement s a customer's existing securit y infrastructure by adding in-line defense directly at the IoT device it self. And it can be deployed over any network infrastructure to enable secure IoT management without significant network changes.
ExtremeWireless is powered by Cloud, ML and AI to deliver enhanced user experiences with effortless networking
Extreme Management Center
Here Extreme Management Center, part of our Agile Data Center Networking solution, provides a pragmatic path to automation based on multi-vendor architectures. It gives you the granular visibilit y and real-time analytics, to make data-based business decisions. Our SLX switches and routers are managed by Extreme Management Center through a single pane of glass, which reduces data center administration and offers you the full view of the network, enables embedded data center fabric automation and delivers cross domain automation with our Workflow Composer.
Extreme Campus Controller
Extreme Campus Controller is a key offering within the Extreme solution targeted for the on-premise campus solution. Extreme Campus Controller delivers simplified management with tightly integrated services and features required for on-premise deployments, complemented with simplified licensing. Extreme Campus Controller is also available as a virtual machine (VM) for customers that have their own requirements for this type of service.
ExtremeCloud™ IQ
ExtremeCloud IQ is an industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven network management, built from the ground up to take full advantage of Extreme’s end-to-end networking solutions. ExtremeCloud IQ delivers unified, full-stack management of wireless access points, switches, and routers and enables onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and more. ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials integrates four Enterprise Service Applications into its Pilot subscription license.
ExtremeRouting Simplifies and Secures Networks from the Branch to the Cloud​
ExtremeSwitching provides the Nervous System of the Autonomous Enterprise by Delivering Simple, Secure, and Automated Networks