Delivering modern cybersecurity by proactively safeguarding critical data and IP.
Web Security
By combining Boldon James Classifier with Forcepoint DLP, you can implement a comprehensive data security strategy with both the advantages of content-aware DLP and user-driven data classification. It can provides end user organizations with the ability to quickly and easily adopt a consistent and best-of-breed approach to data classification.
User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
Visibility, analytics, and automated control - converged into a single solution
Advanced Malware Detection
Superior protection against zero-day threats with advanced sandboxing
DLP - Discovery
DLP - Discovery identifies and secures sensitive data across file servers. SharePoint (on-premises and cloud). Exchange (on-premises and cloud), and detection within databases such as SQL server and Oracle. Advanced fingerprinting technology identifies regulated data and intellectual property at rest and protects that data by applying appropriate encryption and controls. Discovery also includes OCR which provides visibility into data in images.
DLP - Endpoint
DLP - Endpoint protects your critical data on Windows and Mac endpoints on and off the corporate network. It includes advanced protection and control for data at rest (discovery), in motion, and in use. It integrates with Microsoft Azure Information Protection to analyze encrypted data and apply appropriate DLP controls. It enables employee self-remediation of data risk based on guidance from DLP coaching doalog. The solution monitors web uploads, including HTTPS, as well as uploads to cloud services like Office 365 and Box Enterprise. Full integration with Outlook, Notes, and email clients.
DLP - Network
DLP - Network delivers the critical enforcement point to stop the theft of data in motion through email and web channels. The solution helps identify and prevent data exfiltration and accidental data loss from outside attacks or from insider threats. OCR recognizes data within an image. Analytics identify DLP to stop the theft of data one record at a time and other high-risk user behaviors.
DLP - Cloud Applications
DLP - Cloud Applications extends the advanced analytics and single control of Forcepoint DLP to sanctioned cloud applications, including Office 365m Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps, Amazon AWS, ServiceNow, Zoom, Slack, and many more.
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
Complete security for all cloud applications. Period.
Cloud Security Gateway
Web, cloud, and data security in a single service. 100% cloud.