At Quest, we create the software that helps you realize the benefits of new technology. We provide solutions that manage, modernize and secure your enterprise across your endpoints, on-premises infrastructure and in the cloud. We help you conquer your next challenge with confidence. We’re not the company that makes big promises. We’re the company that fulfills them.
Foglight for PostgreSQL
Your organization turned to PostgreSQL because it’s a cost-effective, stable and scalable database option. However, introducing open source technology into your enterprise database ecosystem can challenge DBAs like you to realize the benefits and cost savings that the platform can provide. 
Foglight for Oracle
With Foglight® for Oracle, you get unrivaled performance information and advanced Oracle monitoring to prevent costly downtime. This monitoring software provides alerting and notifications, real-time and historical diagnostics, as well as reporting, plus unmatched analytics of collected data. Take Oracle monitoring to the next level with Foglight for Oracle.
Foglight for SQL Server
With Foglight® for SQL Server, you can quickly diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance problems and optimize your workloads to prevent future issues. This SQL Server tuning tool includes real-time and historical diagnostics, reporting and more, so you can confidently ensure the health of your entire database environment.
KACE Desktop Authority
With KACE® Desktop Authority you can proactively configure, manage, secure and support each unique user workspace, quickly and easily, through a single console. Minimize the hassles of deploying and securing individual devices by customizing devices at the first log-in while configuring the firewall and controlling browser security for physical, virtual and published Windows environments.
KACE Systems Deployment Appliance
KACE® Systems Deployment Appliance lets you automate deployment of configuration files, user states, drivers and applications – whether you’re casting to a single device or multiple devices. Reduce the cost and complexity of endpoint systems imaging, initial installations and provisioning to onsite or remote endpoints while saving time with the automation of repetitive tasks.
KACE Systems Management Appliance
The KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest® helps you fulfill all your endpoint management needs. This comprehensive solution provides automated endpoint-related administrative tasks, inventory of all hardware and software, patch management software for mission-critical applications and operating systems, reduced risk of a breach and guaranteed software license compliance.
Migration Manager
Quest migration and consolidation solutions efficiently move and restructure user accounts, data and systems without impacting users or business productivity.
Metalogix Content Matrix
Metalogix Content Matrix offers the industry's most powerful SharePoint migration solutions.
Quest On Demand
Quest On Demand is a secure, Azure-hosted SaaS management platform to help IT teams, partners and MSPs move faster, tighten security and stay in control of hybrid Office 365 environments. Migrate, manage, report, secure and recover all hybrid AD and Office 365 workloads across all tenants from a single dashboard.