We are the worldwide leader in data protection, providing everything an organization needs to protect and manage its data, identities and intellectual property – through encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, and authentication and access management. Whether it’s securing the cloud, digital payments, blockchain or the Internet of Things, security professionals around the globe rely on Thales to confidently accelerate their organization’s digital transformation.
Sentinel Fit
Sentinel Fit delivers award-winning software protection features combined with sophisticated, webbased entitlement management capabilities. Sentinel Fit is ideal for embedded systems; supporting virtually all boards and microcontrollers and is free from CPU and operating system constraints
Sentinel Up
Sentinel Up enables software vendors and device manufacturers to automate the distribution of software updates, improve user experience and gain valuable insight about product usage.
Sentinel LDK
Sentinel LDK delivers a comprehensive, out-of-the-box software monetization solution that enables you to protect your software, maximize revenues, simplify operational processes, and enhance the end-user experience. Sentinel LDK includes a wide range of out-of-the-box licensing, and entitlement management features.
Sentinel EMS
Sentinel EMS enables software and hardware device vendors to manage all licensing and entitlement management activities, automate back office processes and gain insight into product usage. Sentinel EMS supports both homegrown and commercial licensing enforcement methods.
Sentinel RMS
Sentinel RMS is a professional licensing management solution purpose-built to support the business needs of software publishers and intelligent device vendors. With Sentinel RMS, software and device vendors can create highly flexible license enforcement policies and deliver a seamless user experience to customers. Sentinel RMS is an ideal solution for application deployment in medium and largescale environments both on-premise and in the cloud.