We provide your enterprise with NAC,IPAM and IT asset management to maximize your company productivity.
Smart IP 2000
SmartIP 2000 is All-in-one solution that integrates Server, DBMS, DHCP server and Probe in a single device. SmartIP 2000 ensures the network security and it provides a total view of IP resources distributed in the network with the comprehensive and easy to use WEB based user's interface. SmartIP 2000's built-in Probe and DB server enable IT managers to collect, manage and control any IP devices in the network with just a few mouse clicks.
IPScan XE is a high-performance solution (a must-have for the network administrator who needs to manage end-point communications) and an agentless network access control solution that provides network administrators with essential tools, including IP address management.
IPScan NAC provides all the major features that network managers expect, such as Network Access Control(NAC), IP Address Management(IPAM), Desktop Configuration Management, and complete security controls over Wi-Fi access, automated IT security operations, IT asset management, and much more.